A Place Out of Time

"A good holiday is one spent among people whose notions of time are vaguer than yours.” - J.B. Priestly

 At the Vanderbilt Beach Resort we have worked hard to make sure that our sense of time is vaguer than yours and this makes the Resort both unusual and special.  When most people think of the word “vacation” many different pictures come to mind: visiting a historical city, cruising on a boat, going on safari, going to the beach, taking a road trip, or going to a spa.  But they all seem to boil down to two major types of vacation:  one where you travel to parts previously unknown to explore every nook and cranny in an area, see all of the sights, taste all of the culinary delights, and try to cram as much as possible into a short week, and one where you leave life as you know it behind, de-stress, do nothing, and forget about everything.  Our family has experienced both types of vacation, and while there is something invigorating, adventurous, and exciting about traveling to a new destination and learning the customs, we generally return from those trips needing a vacation from our vacation!  

 Let’s face it, everyday life can be hectic, sometimes crazy hectic.   At least in our family, we tend to find ourselves on some sort of schedule every day - even on the weekends - shuttling the kids, trying to fit in a workout, grocery shopping, and getting together with friends. We don’t need to continue that schedule when we’re on vacations.  Those times when we’ve returned from a break feeling relaxed, refreshed, and renewed are those vacations where we’ve done very little.   We couldn’t agree more with the idea that your relaxation level increases as your sense of time diminishes.  In fact, the best vacations we’ve experienced are those during which we don’t ever wear a watch and just “go with the flow”.

We love the fact that our guests are able to enjoy a slice of Naples paradise where time has no meaning and there is no need for a timepiece.  You wake up when you want to, eat when you’re hungry, and drink when you’re thirsty.  Time is measured only by the sun and by your body's internal clock.  When the sun sinks low in the sky, you’ll know that it is time for the Vanderbilt Beach Resort sunset ritual when everyone gathers to share a cocktail and toast the sun as it sets after yet another perfect day.  

If you are looking for a place out of time, we are happy to oblige.  Come and visit us and forget your worries.   Don't forget to pack your swimsuit, your sunscreen and your sunglasses - but leave your watch at home.



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