Bodhi the Beach Dog

It's official.  The Vanderbilt Beach Resort has a new mascot.  We would like to introduce our new yellow lab - Bodhi.  Bodhi means "enlightened one" in Sanskrit, and while our Bodhi does not always seem so enlightened when he is sniffing the trash, chasing his tail, or licking himself, we love him anyway.  Bodhi is at the resort at least once a week, and sometimes more, keeping us company in the front office and occasionally strolling out to the beach to look over the Gulf of Mexico to see if there is anything in the water that he needs to "save."

Bodhi is a true beach dog.  He is blond, a muscular hunk, and is often a little sandy and a little salty.  He loves the water, likes playing frisbee, and enjoys sitting in the sun doing absolutely nothing.  

It is not a common occurrence these days to check in at a hotel in Naples and see the hotel's dog snoring noisily behind the front desk.  In this day and age it may seem a little unprofessional -- or perhaps a little too laid back.   We disagree, and believe that having the Bodhi the enlightened one around helps to remind us to relax, go slow and enojy the simple things -- the sun, the water, a nice walk, a good nap, playtime and, of course, a hearty bone after dinner.  He is a pretty good teacher in this regard.   We admit that we are somewhat old fashioned and that having a dog on the property is very "Olde Florida."   Yet while we strive to make sure that we have modern rooms and amenities for the enjoyment of our guests, we also believe that certain aspects of Olde Florida, like Bodhi, are amenities that are just as valuable as modern touches.  For example, we believe that Bodhi is an "amenity" because he acts as an ambassador of fun and relaxation.  You can even pet him if you would like.   

So come visit us and experience a true laid back Florida vacation.  Don't forget to look for Bodhi -- our very own beach dog.  He is one amenity that you won't find at large corporate five star hotels.  And he is guaranteed to make you smile.

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