In a Tropical State of Mind

It’s February, and all of you in parts North are probably ready for a break from the snow and cold.  You say you want a Caribbean vacation, but you don’t want to pay high rates to travel to and stay on a Caribbean island.  Look no further!  Your tropical getaway is right here in the USA -- and you won’t even have to go through customs!  Yes, Southwest Florida is actually in the tropics, and we have the beaches, the palm trees, and the balmy temperatures to prove it!  

In fact, our beachfront resort in Naples is actually closer to Havana, Cuba (219 miles away) and Nassau, Bahamas (290 miles away) than it is to the next state in the United States.  The Florida-Georgia border is a distant 338 miles away!  There is a reason that Jimmy Buffet wrote some of his best and most well loved songs while living in Florida -- we simply have a tropical state of mind.

Naples has everything a tropical island can offer - and even some things the tropics don’t have!  Our white sandy beaches are some of the most beautiful around, our shores are warmed by the same fiery sun, the fishing is outstanding, the sunsets that you can see from the hotel are spectacular, and you likely won’t find palm trees that give better cooling shade.  Beachfront dining at the Turtle Club Restaurant is a world class experience that is the envy of our Caribbean neighbors.  And, unlike some tropical islands, we have world class shopping and dining close by, excellent entertainment opportunities, friendly and welcoming staff and well paved roads.

So the next time you think about a tropical get-away, think no further than Naples, Florida and the Vanderbilt Beach Resort - right here in the tropical USA!


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