Why We Love Sunsets

Life is hectic: we have endless “to-do” lists, appointments to keep, traffic jams, and impatient drivers.  We are hyper-connected to our phones and television images bombard us at every turn. Where can we find refuge?  

At the Vanderbilt Beach Resort in Naples, you need look no farther than the beach. Specifically, sunset on the beach.  Perhaps you’ve seen a sunset or two from other west-facing locations.  Rest assured that evenings on Vanderbilt Beach are different and the sunset experience is unforgettable.  About an hour before dark, guests and locals flock to the beach - some still in bathing suits, wrapping up their beach day, some dressed for dinner, cocktail in hand, ready for the night’s events.  Some reconnect with old friends visiting from far away.  Some take photos to send to friends and family back home.  Some watch their children take advantage of the last few minutes to play in the sand.   And a feeling of community, serenity and harmony overtakes you.  All sit, stand or mingle on the beach, watching and waiting.



The best seats for this display are the resort's lounge chairs, just steps away from the gentle surf of the Gulf of Mexico, and only a short walk from your room.  Or you may choose to watch this daily performance while dining beachside at the Turtle Club Restaurant and sipping on a cold cocktail or glass of wine.  Either way, it is hard to turn away from Naples' spectacular sunsets.

You watch as the sky becomes a canvas for a live painting.  As the sun drops lower onto the horizon, the sky transforms from brilliant blue to bold orange with streaks of purple clouds.  And once the sun dips below the horizon, completely hidden for the night, something amazing happens - applause for this natural phenomenon! Up and down the beach, you can hear the crowd’s applause, celebrating the day’s end, connecting with nature.  On Vanderbilt Beach, we are grateful for this small oasis of tranquility in an otherwise hectic day, and we always look forward to the next sunset.

Don't take our word for it -- come and see for yourself -- we can't wait to welcome you to the show!



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