The Coast is Clear

Summer has begun, and Naples' seasonal residents have returned to their Northern homes until cooler weather arrives and pushes them South once more.  While many believe that Florida is an uncomfortable place to visit or live in the summer, those of us who actually live here year round know otherwise.  Florida is a magical place to be in the summer.

As June begins to turn into July, the color of the Gulf of Mexico begins to to change from its normal green to a deep blue green that rivals what you see in the best photography from the Carribbean.  Marine life in the Gulf explodes and we see dolphin, manatees and sea turtles on a daily basis.  The foliage sheds its brown green color and becomes a vibrant green, nourished by daily violent thunderstorms with lightning that far surpasses the best fireworks displays that can be produced by man.  The air is perfumed with the smell of thousands of varieties of flowers, the namesake of the state, that explode into bloom.  My personal favorites are the aromatic night blooming jasmine and the gardenia.  At night along the beach a warm tropical breeze blows that feels almost like one of those warm damp towels that the best spas give you to pamper you and encourage you to relax.  The water in the Gulf is so warm and inviting that it makes you want to stay half submerged all day long.
Locals loosen up and begin to relax and life moves at a slower pace.  The fishing changes from good to excellent as the snook begin to roam the shorebreak feeding on minnows and the grouper begin to bite at local deep sea fishing holes.  While it is not as common as it used to be to see "Gone Fishing" signs on local businesses, it is still common to hear locals trading fish stories in the coffee shops and groceries in town.  While businesses are open on Fridays, you can forget about geting anything important done on that day which becomes an extension of the weekend.  The local paper begins to focus more on fishing, diving, boating and gardening and less on local politics.  

For savvy travelers and vacationers, the summer is an absolute delight.  The rates are low, the weather is tropical and wonderful, and it is easy to explore and sample wonderful area attractions and dining establishments.  Local businesses take more time to talk with customers and show their appreciation in a number of different ways.  While not technically an island, Naples begins to feel like a small Carribbean island and the locals begin to work and play on "island time."  At the resort we affectionately call it "Floribbean time."

At the Vanderbilt Beach Resort, we offer true Olde Florida hospitality and accomodations designed to help you experience the best that the summer season has to offer in Naples.  Stroll through our orchid garden and experience the blooming flowers, fish from the beach or our docks and pursue the elusive snook, paddleboard on our beautiful blue green water and look for dolphins, manatees and turtles, lounge under the palms or on the beach and pursue the perfect tan in one of our lounge chairs, or dine at the Turtle Club and watch the heat lighting over the Gulf as the warm night breezes blow softly through the property.

Don't be afraid of Florida in the summer -- it's simply wonderful.  Come and see us this summer for a tropical vacation that you will not soon forget.


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