The Top Ten Reasons to Visit Naples in the Summer!

Our family is fortunate to live in the midst of a tropical paradise.  Naples is a gorgeous, tropical resort community, and yet our family is often too busy with everyday life to fully appreciate all that this town has to offer.  So, this summer, we decided it was high time for a short “staycation”.  With virtually no travel time, it was just minutes after we packed a few bags with essentials - bathing suits, sunscreen, and beach toys - that we arrived at the Naples hotel location we love best: the Vanderbilt Beach Resort.  And during our staycation, our family rediscovered all the reasons why we love Vanderbilt Beach during the off-season.  

Naples is a hot vacation spot in the milder winter months, but there is so much that this beach town has to offer in the summer.  So, without further delay, here they are: 

The Top 10 Reasons That Vacationing In Naples Is Cool During The Summer!

10. In the summer, there ARE more hours in the day!  The sun rises earlier and sets later, so there is more daylight to enjoy everything you love to do on  Naples  beach vacation: sunbathing, swimming, paddleboarding, shelling, and just lounging!  

9. Summertime is easier on the wallet!  Hotel rates, especially at the Resort, are lower, making the same great location more affordable!  And local merchants often run sales and specials to entice patrons to do business with them. 

8. You won’t waste precious time driving on US 41!  The roads, stores and restaurant are uncrowded, people are even more friendly, and the pace of life in Naples is even more relaxing than usual.

7. Summertime is the time for natural wonders.  Sea turtle nesting season lasts from May to September, so naturalists can monitor progress of sea turtle nests on the beach.  The Gulf of Mexico is teeming with wildlife, and sunrise and sunset are the perfect times to catch sight of a dolphin or two. 

6. There is no better time for fishing off our docks, on the beach, or on a fishing expedition.  You won’t come home empty-handed!

5. There’s no need to pack a sweater because the evenings are warm and balmy, perfect weather to wear that cute new sundress, slip off your flip flops and enjoy a cool cocktail on the beach at sunset or a midnight stroll on the beach under the stars!

4. Afternoon thunderstorms are an awe-inspiring source of entertainment and a welcome break from the summer heat.  Sit on the covered lanai in one of the Resort’s condominiums and be amazed by the powerful streaks of lightning over Vanderbilt Lagoon.  After about an hour, as the skies clear, watch bright rays of sunlight stream through the gaps in the clouds.  Don’t forget your camera!  It is picture perfect!

3. Walk out of your hotel room, and be instantly transported to a rainforest!  The orchids and bromeliads in the Resort gardens are stunning, the palms are full and a rich green color, and afternoon rain showers give the foliage a lush, tropical feel.  You might even spot a gecko or two!

2. You won’t have to wait weeks to get a reservation at the Turtle Club Restaurant!

1. The Gulf of Mexico is tranquil and feels refreshingly like bathwater.  You can spend hours luxuriating in the warm Gulf or pool water and never have to worry about shivering!

We can’t say enough good things about our “staycation” on Vanderbilt Beach!  But whether you want a  “staycation” or a vacation, summer is the perfect season to enjoy the tropical paradise that is Naples.  

- Diane Moore


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