The Wearers of the Green

For over fifty years the resort has been hosting a St. Patrick's Day golf tournament and poolside cocktail party for our guests.  This year we played the tournament on March 17th at Raptor Bay Golf Couse, one of the few Audobon society certified gold courses in the country.  It was an absolutely beautiful day with warm sunny weather and the termperature hovering in the upper 70s for most of the day.  As our green wearing golfers descended on the course, you could feel the excitement about who would win the "green jacket."  

The diverse field ranged from hackers to very accomplished golfers.  As the first group teed off to whoops and hollars, you could tell that it was going to be a fun day.  There is something fun about being on the links on St. Patrick's Day -- it just feels right.  I am sure that all of the golfers in our group felt the same way, even the ones who hacked up the couse.

We finished the tournament and headed to the poolside party at the resort where all of our guests had gathered, wearing green, sipping cocktails while waiting for the tournmanet results.  The Turtle Club brought out the traditional meal of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes, and we all laughed as we listened to traditional Irish music and recounted the shots that we almost made.  Finally, the awards were presented, including the coveted "toughest day" award which was a green leprechaun driver cover that should give a little more luck to that golfer next year.  The "green jacket" was awarded to our first ever woman champion to rousing cheers from all guests! 
After the awards, we all sat back, sipped our drinks and watched another spectacular sunset.  We each silently hoped and looked for a green flash to make the day perfect.

Although there was no green flash this year, we still had plenty of green, and we ended looking forward to another priceless St. Patrick's day at the Vanderbilt Beach Resort.

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