Things to do - The Vanderbilt Beach ResortEnjoy Naples' natural beauty and gracious living

Boating & FishingNaples has exquisite and bountiful natural resources. Naples is a boater's paradise and one can explore the miles of backwater and mangrove forests that line our pristine waterways in a rented kayak or canoe. Or you can try your hand at the latest trends – stand up paddleboarding and kite boarding. Our knowledgeable beach staff will be happy to help you arrange whatever boating or water activity that you would like to participate in.

Our fishing is world class and you can charter a deep sea fishing boat to go after native gulf grouper, or try your hand at fly fishing in the ten thousand islands for monster tarpon and snook. The fishing is even good right from our beach. We have a marina around the corner and you can buy a bucket of shrimp and spend the afternoon sitting lazily on the beach fishing. The Turtle Club Restaurant will be happy to give you some tips on how to cook your catch, and our staff simply smiles when we are told about the “big ones that got away.”

If you prefer a tour boat to a fishing boat, we can help arrange a cocktail sunset cruise on the nearby Cocohatchee River or on the Gulf of Mexico, or a boat tour of the picturesque residential canals in downtown Naples.

We can help arrange whatever water excursion you are interested in!


Wildlife in Naples is abundant, from our native brown pelican to the proud bald eagle. A bird lover will never tire here. Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is home to the National Audubon Society, where they have set up permanent shop on a one mile boardwalk through a portion of the Everglades. Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park is only about two miles from the hotel on Vanderbilt Beach, and on most mornings beach walkers will be treated to a spectacular showing of our local beach birds, including Pelicans, Gulls, Sandpipers, Kingfishers, Ibis, and a variety of other wading birds.

Our guests never tire of watching the dolphins feed just off of our beach in the morning. It is a thrill for most of us to watch these master mariners glide smoothly through the water and occasionally perform acrobatic leaps while feeding. In addition to dolphins, we occasionally see a slow moving manatee off of our beaches or a giant manta ray. Our waters abound with sea life.

One of the most pristine and remote wilderness areas in the county – the Everglades – is only 45 minutes away from the Resort. You will never forget a visit to the spectacular Everglades National Park where you can hunt for the ghost orchid, take a swamp walk or simply watch the local alligators. Don't forget to also watch for alligators gliding silently in the many ponds and lakes around town. They are everywhere. In addition to the Everglades, one attraction that should be on every family's agenda who visits Naples is the Zoo at Caribbean Gardens, a 52 acre park which is home for fascinating wildlife and botanical wonders.

Naples is blessed with beautiful and plentiful natural resources and you will not be disappointed if you are a nature lover.

If you enjoy golf, then Naples is a great place for you to test your skills. With more than 100 of the finest courses in the country, the greater Naples area has few rivals as a major golf capital. Naples offers a wide variety of public and private courses to suit every ability and every handicap. You can play a quick round at the public Arrowhead Golf Course or enjoy a more serious round at Greg Norman’s Tiburon Golf Course, which is only ten minutes away. Nature lovers may want to check out the Raptor Bay Golf Course which is an Audobon course and which is located in nearby Estero.

Some of the best courses are private, but it seems like everyone knows someone who can help arrange a round. If you are lucky, maybe you will meet a local who can help you play the fabulous Naples National Golf Club or the infamous Royal Poinciana. If you happen to be making vacation plans in March, then you will not want to miss the Hotel’s Annual St. Patrick’s Day Golf Tournament which has been going on for more than forty years. The tournament is followed by a festive St. Patrick’s Day cocktail party at our beachfront pool where guests lie about their scorecards and trade stories about the shots they almost made.

Don’t be surprised if you bump into a few golf celebrities as you make your way around the resort or the town. Fuzzy Zoeller is a local and a regular at our Turtle Club Restaurant. Greg Norman has a golf course in town and hosts an annual PGA event every year and invites friends down to practice and enjoy Naples.

Golf is more than a game in Naples – it’s a way of life.

Vanderbilt Beach Resort - The Arts

Entertainment starts with the Naples Philharmonic Center for the Arts, home to its own outstanding orchestra. In addition to regular orchestral performances, Broadway shows and top performers regularly play this 1400 seat, modern theater which is only 15 minutes away from the Hotel.

Naples is a serious art town which boasts an impressive number of art galleries and artists in residence. Stroll through the galleries on gallery row on Third Street South downtown, or visit the Naples Museum of Art which is located adjacent to the Naples Philharmonic and which hosts unique art exhibits each season. You may be so inspired by Naples’ beauty that you decide to try your hand at painting or drawing in Naples. If so, you will not be disappointed in our art instructors or art supply shops which are numerous and always willing to lend a helping hand.

If you like movies, then you should definitely not miss the Silverspot Cinema, which is a new cinema complex in the nearby Mercato Shopping Center. At the Silverspot, you can book your exact seat ahead of time, then dine in their in theater fine dining restaurant and take a glass of wine or cocktail with you into the theater to enjoy a film while sitting in an overstuffed leather chair. Now this is movie watching at its most luxurious! Be careful, once you watch a movie at the Silverspot you may never want to go back to a regular theater.

The shopping in Naples is world-class with prominent names like Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstroms, Tiffanys, Louis Vuitton, Apple, and Williams & Sonoma anchoring the Waterside Shops, a truly beautiful waterscaped outdoor pavilion just five minutes from the hotel.

Dining out is an adventure in Naples . There are so many different choices that you could eat out every night for six months and still not experience them all! Of course the best restaurant in town is right on the grounds of the Vanderbilt Beach Resort. The Turtle Club has become "the place" to enjoy the best fresh seafood and steaks while surrounded by the beauty of the Resort and its beachfront location. It is the ideal spot to experience our famous sunsets.

Looking for a little evening adventure? Head to the new Mercato Shopping Plaza, only a five minutes from the Resort, where you can watch feature films in a leather lunge chair at the new Silverspot Cinema, sample hundreds of beers at The Pub or dance the night away at the Blue Martini.

Vanderbilt Beach Resort - Health & FitnessNeapolitans are serious about healthy living and this is reflected by the many spas, fitness centers and health clubs in town. If fitness is a serious part of your life, you have many opportunities to make sure you get a good workout during your stay at the Resort. You may want to start by taking a morning run on our five miles of beach, or along the beach road. Naples is also a great town for biking and we can help you arrange for bike rentals at the nearby bike shop so that you can leisurely ride through beautiful Pelican Bay or take a serious pounding road bike ride with a local group of athletes.

If you are a swimmer, Naples is surrounded by water and offers numerous opportunities for you to stay fit by exercising in the water. Enjoy an open water swim in the usually placid Gulf of Mexico or rent a stand up paddleboard for an ocean paddle. If you are looking for a pool workout, head over to the T2 Aquatics swim team, where you can practice with aspiring Olympians in a fifty (50) meter pool.

If you are more interested in Yoga or Spa treatments, don’t worry. Naples boasts a number of top quality yoga studios and spas where you can workout or relax and be pampered to forget your worries. We will be happy to arrange a soothing massage or facial for you at a local spa and to direct you to yoga studios like Bala Vinyasa, which are only minutes away from the hotel and where you can attend a yoga class to work up a sweat and then relax.

After your workout or spa session you may want to visit our new Whole Foods Market, which is only five minutes form the Hotel to have a refreshing wheatgrass shake or fruit smoothie before continuing on with your day. The Market offers a wide variety or organic and whole foods that you can purchase to munch on during your stay.

Simply put, Naples is a health lover’s paradise and offers everything that any health or fitness enthusiast could possibly want. Come and See!